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0xForge is a foundation that supports the development of AI guardrails for DeFi.
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Our Beliefs

In the Veil of Innovation: Guardians at the Crossroads

The 0xForge foundation emerges as a bastion of hope and vigilance, committed to navigating the treacherous waters where the promise of artificial intelligence (AI) casts long shadows of potential peril. Our mission is profound, addressing not just the opportunities but the existential risks AI poses to the ethos of trust, transparency, and security in DeFi.

The Alignment Challenge: Steering the Future of AI

Central to our crusade is the daunting yet critical task of solving the alignment problem. This challenge, at its core, is about ensuring that as AI systems become more autonomous and powerful, their actions and decisions remain in harmony with human values and the greater good of our community. At 0xForge, we don't merely deploy AI; we seek to align it with the foundational principles of DeFi, creating a symbiotic relationship where technology amplifies our capacity for ethical decision-making, risk management, and innovation.

Support the Vision: Join the Vanguard of Ethical AI in DeFi

Your engagement and support are pivotal. As we stand on the frontlines addressing the alignment problem, every contribution fuels our efforts to ensure that AI serves as a force for good, safeguarding the principles that make DeFi a beacon of hope in the financial world. Join us in this vital mission. Together, we can chart a course towards a future where AI and humanity align, ensuring a legacy of integrity, safety, and trust for generations to come.

Our Initiatives

Our Partners

Support Our Mission

At 0xForge, our commitment extends beyond navigating the complexities of AI alignment in the DeFi space. We embrace a broader mission: to be a driving force that not only advances our initiatives but also uplifts and supports a wide array of projects within the community. Our foundation is built on the belief that collaboration and mutual support are essential to the long-term prosperity and integrity of the DeFi ecosystem.

Why Your Support Matters:

  • Foster Innovation: By providing resources and support to emerging projects that align with our values of trust, transparency, and ethical AI usage.
  • Solve Complex Problems: Including the AI alignment challenge, ensuring that AI technologies benefit humanity and operate within the ethical frameworks necessary for a sustainable future.
  • Build Stronger Communities: Through education, outreach, and the development of tools that empower users and developers alike to create safer, more trustworthy DeFi environments.

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